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Our Mission

Public health policies should be designed for the greatest public good, adapting to the latest scientific evidence available and favouring solutions which are pragmatic and effective instead of taking moralistic positions which do more harm. HRPR’s mission is to facilitate adoption of effective policies based on scientific and empirical evidence, and those which have promise to make a positive societal impact.

Our main goals are:

Mr. Samrat Chowdhery


Mr Samrat Chowdhery is a former journalist and India’s foremost harm reduction expert with wide policy, media and research experience. He is leading national and international efforts for adoption of harm reduction policies, with focus on tobacco harm reduction. Mr Chowdhery has been recognised on various forums for his work.

HRPR works with a number of researchers from educational and private institutions from across India, as well as policy experts, legal advisors, public relations and media personnel, field staff and volunteers.