Our Project Support

    Study: Impact of Covid-19 lockdown and ENDS ban on tobacco and nicotine use in India

    This study of 3,000 participants from across the country aims to understand the behavioural changes and coping mechanisms among tobacco and e-cigarette users resulting from recent bans –the two-month pandemic lockdown and the e-cigarette ban of late 2019. HRPR has put together a team of data collection agencies and researchers for the study, after which media firms will be engaged to disseminate the research among lawmakers, policy experts, medical professional and the public so that adequate response measures can be adopted.

    Developing snus as an effective harm reduction solution for India’s 200 million SLT users: an intervention, development and research project

    This year long project aims to address the following:

    • Can snus be an effective harm reduction alternative for India’s SLT users? If yes, this can be expanded to include bidi smokers at a later stage. (intervention study)
    • Can snus be made locally and at price points that make it a viable alternative? (development project) There is currently no Indian research on the effectiveness and harm reduction potential of snus.
    • A scientific evaluation, along with toxicological testing of locally produced snus, can make a strong case for adopting snus intervention. (research project)